A-Team Applications due July 16th!!

  1. Have you attended DCYC at least one time?

  2. Has DCYC impacted your life for the better?

  3. Do you want to share your faith and your DCYC experience with others?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you might be called to be part of the A-Team for DCYC 2020!

Here are the different teams you can apply to be part of:

“Acoustics” - Music Team

  • Plays primarily for Friday and Saturday Masses

  • Provides gathering music in the hallways on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, as well as music in the hallways for participants on Saturday during transition periods. 

“Animators” - Drama/Skit Team

  • Serves primarily in a pre-production (filmed) capacity with some on-site items still to be determined. 

  • This role will serve primarily to tell a story through short films shown on the Main Stage during DCYC 2020. 

  • This team will work to execute a dramatic and thought-provoking story in line with the theme of DCYC 2020 (TBA).

"Activators” - Spoken Word

  • Serves primarily as Breakout Introduction presenters/room moderators during the DCYC Workshops. 

  • Some Activators may serve as Lectors for the various DCYC Liturgies.

  • Friday Hospitality - Greeters

To officially apply to be part of the A-Team

for DCYC 2020, contact your Parish!

Applications are due July 16th!