Unused Room Spot Fees

Hotel Room Cost are based on minimum occupancy of 4 persons per room. The following charges will be added to the parish's final balance for each youth &/or adult room with less than 4 occupants: 

  • Rooms with 3 occupants = $70

  • Rooms with 2 occupants = $140

  • Rooms with 1 occupant = $210

Parishes can try to avoid these fees by having up to 2 rooms with an overflow of 1-2 people or by connecting with another group and mutually agree to share a room.  (The DCYC team does not arrange room sharing - you must do that on your own.  A Room Spot Sharing tool is available to help you know what other people are also looking to share rooms.  Add your name to the list, call people on the list, and check back often to see if anyone new was added to the list.)