With the holidays approaching, time is going to fly... Set up your DCYC group registration today!

With the holidays approaching, many of you will be enjoying time away from the office and youth ministry projects to be with family (including the OYYACM Team).   It is important to think ahead since time is going to fly by!

If you are planning on attending DCYC,  finalizing these two items before the end of December will be a relief to you (and us) and give you plenty of time to prepare for DCYC:

a) Register yourself as a Group Leader ASAP - Click here.

b) Plan your trip logistics and set up your groups online registration forms in Permission Click  (Steps 2 & 3 in the Group Leader Portal).  Then you will be ready to accept registrations


Contact Matt Decker today if you need help getting started with Permission Click

Phone: 214-379-2846 or email