Rooming Assignment Instructions

A unique link for each group will be sent in December/January with your Rooming Assignment List. These Instructions explain the details about assigning people to rooms.

Rooms are to be divided by Gender and Youth/Adults

  • Assign youth to youth only rooms, and adults 18 and up to adult only rooms. (Exceptions: Immediate and secondary family members rooming together).

  • Note: High school teens over 18 can register as a youth and room with other youth OR register as an adult and room with adults. This is a parish-specific decision. Consult your pastor/safe environment director. Registration type must match room assignment type.

  • Assign male to male only rooms, and female to female only rooms. (Exceptions: Married chaperones not sharing with anyone else OR a immediate and secondary family members rooming together).


Group Room Count Request: What is the Maximum Number of Rooms Your Group Needs?

Deadline: Complete at least Part A by Tue. Jan 21st

  • Part A provides us a best ROOM COUNT to reserve for your group with the hotel.

  • On PART A DEADLINE you can make an educated guess of additional registration you still anticipate to receive (called placeholders).

  • Room/participant placeholders can be used without any extra charges between Part A Deadline and Part AB Deadline but placeholders need to be removed by Part AB Deadline to avoid paying Unused Room Fees (See Tab E).

  • Use your parish's Permission Click portal registration count to help you estimate the number of rooms you need, per room type.

  • The Room Estimating Calculator (Tab D) is available to help estimate the minimum number of rooms you might need. You don't have to use this, it is only to assist you.

  • You may choose to fill in Part B with names at this time for planning purposes or to get it done early, but that information will not be reviewed by us until the Part AB Deadline.

  • Between the Part A Deadline and Part AB Deadline, you can contact other group leaders and make arrangements to share rooms with them to fill up your rooms. Be sure to update changes on or before Part AB Deadline.

  • Below is a link to a list of people who are open to sharing spots. Add your name to the list if you are open to sharing. It is up to you to make those arrangements and put them on your rooming form.

  • Hotel Spot Sharing List:

  • After the Part A Deadline, each group will be assigned to a Hotel and notified of their Hotel Assignment: Embassy Suites or Drury Inn. (Hotel Request are not accepted).


Rooming Assignments with Names: What is the exact number of rooms your group needs, AND who is staying in each room?

Deadline: Make any updates to Part A and Complete Part B by Wed. Jan 29th

  • After Part AB Deadline, we are locked into purchasing all reserved rooms. Therefore, parishes will be financially liable for all unused room spots reserved on this date (even placeholders without registrations. Fee is based on the Unused Room Spot -Tab E)

  • Parishes Assigned to Embassy Suites can have up to 2 rooms with 5 or 6 particiapants (hotel rooms have pull-out couch beds) - Contact the DCYC Registrar at if you need more than 2 rooms of 5 or 6.

  • Parishes assigned to Drury Inn can have a max of 4 people per room. (There are no pull-outs).

  • Rooms "Bed Types" are assigned by the Hotel (Embassy Suites: King with Pull-out or 2 Queen with Pull-Out. Drury Inn: 2 Queen, King, or King with Pull Out). Bed Type Request are not accepted.