Fundraising Tips & Ideas

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  •  Always obtain permission for fundraising from your pastor and/or parish administrator prior to making any plans.  You will need their support and often they can provide you with guidance in planning a successful fundraiser.  Also, parishes may have restrictions on fundraising for various reasons that may limit or prohibit fundraising by individual parish groups.

  • Schedule a meeting with parish youth and their parents to discuss fundraising goals and ideas. Also, include your pastor and other staff in your invitations to these meetings.  Always begin and end your meetings with prayer.

  • Brainstorm Ideas for fundraisers during your meeting and decide on the number of fundraising events you want to plan for your group.  When deciding on the fundraisers to offer, consider the following:

  • How much time will the fundraiser require?

    1. up?  (i.e., sales, services, etc.)

    2. What are the community building aspects of the fundraiser?

    3. What type of fundraisers have been most successful for groups in your community?

    4. Is the fundraiser a safe activity for young people to carry out?

    5. Does the fundraiser involve the parish community in helping youth reach their goal?

    6. Set realistic fundraising goals and expectations. 

  • Set realistic fundraising goals and expectations. 

    • What are the fundraising goals of the group? (Ex.  To raise enough money to cover the cost of transportation?  To cover a portion of each participant’s registration costs?  To raise enough money to cover the cost of registration for adult chaperones?)

    • How will the funds raised be divided?  (Ex.  Will funds raised be divided between the youth who participate in each fundraiser?)

  •  You will also want to recruit additional adult support to assist your group with fundraising. Ask for adult volunteers to assist you with organizing and running each fundraiser and tracking the money raised.  You may also want to recruit someone to help with publicity.

  •  Be sure that the young people and the adults who assist with the fundraiser are aware of the importance of representing the church and their parish community in a positive, uplifting way.  Young people should be able to answer questions about their reasons for fundraising and the way that the funds will be used.

  • Always express gratitude to those who support the fundraisers.  (Ex. place a thank you note in the parish bulletin; provide free donuts after Mass one Sunday, etc.)

  • Celebrate your success!  Have a dinner together and do something fun!



  • Write letters to family and friends to ask for their prayer support and for financial assistance.

  • Pancake Breakfast

  • Bake Sales

  • Garage Sales

  • Christmas tree or greenery sales

  • Pumpkin Sale

  • Flower sales

  • Craft Fair

  • Candy sales

  • Sunday Donut Sales

  • Spaghetti (or other dish) Dinner

  • Talent Show

  • Walk-a-thon or Dance-off

  • Art show

  • Car wash

  • Window washing

  • Host a babysitting service on a Friday night so parents can shop for the holidays

  • Breakfast with Santa

  • Partner with local restaurants to host a night for parishioners with a percentage of sales going to your group.