Downloadable Version of DCYC Chaperone Information and Responsibilities


Thank you for the generous gift of your time, talents, and service to the young Church of the Diocese of Dallas!  Without you and your active participation, your young people could not attend DCYC, and we are so grateful for your ministry as a chaperone.  Below you will find some guidelines that you should be aware of as you prepare to attend DCYC this year.  We ask that you please read through these carefully.

 As a DCYC chaperone, your most important job is to support and assist your parish youth minister/group leader as well as the youth from your parish.  Your ministry of presence is very important to our DCYC goal of ensuring that young people feel safe, accepted, and open to the love of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit.  It is our hope that DCYC will be a powerful spiritual experience for you as well.

 As we worship and learn together during DCYC, it is important that all leaders and chaperones be aware of the following community expectations to make DCYC a successful event for everyone.

  •  There will be a mandatory adult leader meeting on Friday night prior to the start of DCYC.

  • Expectations:

o   Adults chaperones are expected to attend all conference activities and touch base with youth on a regular basis.  Be a role model for the behavior of the young people in your care and remain connected and present to them throughout DCYC.

o   To provide an adult presence in each DCYC space throughout the weekend, we ask that adult chaperones spread out and assist in the supervision of all areas especially during the Behold Experience on Saturday.

  • Know Your Group:  As parish leaders, you are most familiar with the individuals in your group as well as the size of your group; therefore, you are better able to determine what your supervision needs will be.  The required ratio of teens to adults for DCYC is 7 to 1.

  • Name Badges/Credentials: All youth and adult participants must wear their name badge/credentials at all times when outside their hotel room.

  • Wristbands: DCYC wristbands serve as a participant’s meal card and must be worn throughout the conference.

  • Caring for the Physical Needs of Your Youth:  Please make sure that your teens are drinking plenty of water and eating during meal times.  They will also need a good night’s sleep to get the most out of their DCYC experience.

  • Courtesy:  DCYC Security and Event Staff are present throughout the day to ensure a safe experience for everyone.  Please be respectful of them and of what they ask you to do and be sure that your young people are as well. 

  • During the DCYC General Sessions:  Leaders and chaperones should spread out among your group to be in the best possible position to reach each teen in your group if needed.  Be aware of behavior issues and if necessary remove teens who are being disruptive to others.

  • Returning to Hotel Rooms During Conference Times: Youth are NOT allowed to travel back and forth from the conference center to the hotel during program times.  This means that they need to be sure they have everything they need for the full day with them before leaving their rooms in the morning (e.g. credentials, medications, jackets, Bibles, journals, etc.).  Please make sure that all young people are aware of this rule and remind them of the items they may need before leaving their rooms in the morning.

  • Hotel Pool:  DCYC participants are NOT allowed to use the hotel pool.

  • Hotel Business Center:  DCYC participants should NOT be in the Hotel Business Center at any time.

  • Hotel Behavior:  Please be mindful of the fact that DCYC participants are not the only guests in the hotel. Remind young people of this and assist each other in moving the youth to their own rooms at the end of Parish Time each day. 

o   Some parish groups may finish with parish time earlier than others.  Please be respectful of groups still meeting and/or praying as you leave the conference center.

o   The hotel elevators will be crowded at the end of each conference day.  Please remind your group to be courteous and respectful as they wait for the elevators (no pushing, cutting in line, etc.).  They can also take the stairs.

o   Youth should not be lingering out in the hallways or running from room to room.  They need to go straight back to their hotel rooms.

o   No one should throw items from the balconies found in the hotel.

o   No yelling or shouting in the hallways.  Again, the hotel has other guests.

  • Nighttime Supervision:  Nighttime security and supervision of participants in the hotel is the responsibility of each parish contingent's group leaders and chaperones.  Parish Group Leaders should have a plan in place which includes room checks before and after the 11:00 pm curfew as needed.

o   No purple:  At no time, should girls be in boys’ rooms or vice versa. This includes sitting in open hotel room doorways.

o   No adults in youth rooms.  This includes sitting in open hotel room doorways.

o   11:00 pm curfew:  All youth should be in their own respective hotel rooms at this time. All DCYC youth participants should be clear of the hallways and stairwells from curfew (11:00 pm) until 7:00 am.

o   Chaperones are requested to check rooms about 10 minutes after curfew to make sure all youth are accounted for. Any youth not accounted for should be reported to the Parish Leader.

o   Lights out is at 12:00 am.  Adults should make sure their youth are in bed for the night prior to going to sleep themselves.

o   The front desk will have a list of all Parish Group Leaders and will also be instructed to contact them throughout the night if necessary.

  • Ordering/bringing in of food from outside:  This is highly discouraged.  There is no guarantee and little likelihood that this will be delivered prior to curfew.  If you know your teens will need a snack before bedtime, please bring a few snack items with you.

  • Additional Information:

o   First Aid:  DCYC First Aid staff are on-site throughout the conference.  The First Aid room is located in Erudia.

o   Eucharistic Chapel:  The chapel will be open to all participants throughout the day on Saturday.  There should always be at least two adults present in the chapel.