Hotel Info: Damage Reports, Incidentals, Pool, & Internet


Embassy Suites Hotel - Frisco Convention Center

7600 John Q. Hammons Drive, Frisco, TX 75034

Main Phone: 972-712-7200

What if there is damage already in the hotel room? It is highly encouraged that you check hotel rooms for visible damage prior to allowing youth to occupy them. Please report damages to the Hotel staff and the DCYC staff at registration. Group leaders are encouraged to use the "Hotel Room Damage Report Form" given at check-in.

Incidentals: Pay Per View and Room Phones: We have requested that these features be turned off in all rooms utilized by DCYC. Note that phones will still be able to be used for "room to room" calls. Please make sure your youth know that calling from room to room past curfew with a "non-emergency" issue is not acceptable.

Internet Access: We are NOT able to "turn off" Internet in the guest rooms. There is a set charge per day per device for access and there is a "signup" screen when you first access it so your youth will not be able to get it "by mistake." Know that if a room shows up with Internet charges they will be billed back to your parish. For Group Leaders needing Internet access during DCYC, please check with the Registration Office. A general access code is not available. Please remind your youth that the hotel business center is for the other hotel guests, and they should not be using those resources during the conference.

Pool Access: There will NOT be time for use of the swimming pool. Please be proactive about making sure your group is aware of this to prevent any issues.