Hotel Check-In

·         Parishes who are not providing transportation for their young people to the hotel on Friday should ensure that the Parish Group Leader is on-site at the hotel BEFORE the youth begin arriving.

o   Designate a meeting spot for your group to make it easier to gather everyone together.  No teen should be dropped off without adult supervision.


·         Upon arrival, the Parish Group Leader may go to the main hotel desk to check in their group and to receive a packet containing the hotel room keycards for the rooms assigned to their group.

o    We ask that ONLY the Parish Group Leader comes to the hotel check-in desk, not the entire parish contingent


·         Parish Group Leaders should inspect all the hotel rooms assigned to their group for damages or broken items PRIOR to allowing youth to occupy the rooms.

o   If there are damages to report or maintenance is needed, please document these on the Hotel Damage Report Form that should be turned in to the hotel desk as soon as possible.

Nighttime Supervision in Hotel

Nighttime Supervision in Hotel

Nighttime security and supervision of participants in the hotel is the responsibility of each parish contingent's group leaders. Parish Group Leaders should have a plan in place which includes room checks before and after curfew as needed. You are familiar with the individuals in and the size of your group, and therefore, are most able to determine what your supervision needs will be.

Breakout Speakers and Topics 2019

This year, we have invited ten wonderful speakers to present over different topics during the Breakout Session on Day 2 of DCYC. The Topics and speakers are:

  1. Why Your Ordinary is Extraordinary: Follow the Way of St. Teresa of Calcutta

    Presenter: Nicholas Brandt

    In this session we will take a closer look into our lives: not just the extraordinary moments but also the ordinary every day facts of our lives.  The goal is to value both of these aspects in our life to see how God is using our lives to tell His story, and to put our story to use for his kingdom!

    2. Trust: Why Believe at All: Follow the Way of St. Augustine

    Presenter: Paul Bianchi

    Do you have doubts about the existence of God, or the divinity of Jesus and the institution of the church? This session will dive into the Truth about what we believe and why we believe that this is Truth.


    3. Plug into the Power of Prayer: Follow the Way of St. Teresa of Calcutta

    Presenter: Bruce Baumann

    We hear the word prayer a lot and we know we should probably do it, but how? Or why? Or when? Or where? Come join us as we explore this very basic foundation of our relationship with God.

    4. Who is the Holy Spirit? Follow the Way of a Giant: St. Therese of Lisieux

    Presenter: Sister Josephine Garrett

    Do you think you know the Holy Spirit? Do you want to know more about him and how he is working in your life? This session will focus on helping us to have a more real relationship with the Spirit, who is a person, ready to work in us and with us, and has been from all eternity.


    5. Prayer is Your All-Terrain Vehicle: Follow the Way of Blessed Chiara "Luce" Badano

    Presenter: Katie Erskine

    “Is it supposed to be so boring?” Imagine flying full speed over rolling hills, crossing a rocky river bed, scaling mountains on uncharted trails. What if I told you that’s my experience of prayer? Come see how prayer can carry you over the terrain of life!


    6. Trust: The Cornerstone of Faith: Follow the Way of St. Teresa of Avila

    Presenter: Bridget Hanafin

    What does it mean to have trust in our faith journey? We have this word thrown around often and are asked to trust in many different ways, but do we know where to begin? This session will focus on how trusting becomes a way of life—learning how to trust is part of our journey.


    7. Story of my Life: What is a Testimony? How do I share mine? Follow the Way of St. Peter and Paul

    Presenter: Cody Barras

    We all have our own “story.” You may think your story is boring or lame, but God certainly doesn’t think so. In fact, he’s counting on you to share that story with others, because your story is His story too. In this session, learn what elements make a good “story” of your life so far and practice concrete methods for sharing your testimony with others.


    8. Obedience: The Way to Experience True Freedom: Follow the Way of Venerable Fr. Emil Kapaun

    Presenter: John Eldridge

    While the concepts of “obedience” and “freedom” might appear to be contradictory, nothing could be further from the truth.   This session will explore the subject of obedience:  what it is, what it is not, and why it’s important.  We’ll discuss how obedience to God can lead to true freedom, and allow you to use the gifts God gave you to their fullest.


    9. For Such a Time as This: Follow the Way of St. Teresa of Calcutta

    Presenter: Ali Hoffman

    One of the things I love most about the great Saints of the Church is that they are no longer living here on earth. Does God just stop making Saints? No. He calls up the people of THIS generation to become the Saints He has created them to be; the Saints the world desperately needs. And you are one of them. We will look at what it means to live a life of radical virtue, bold faith, and authentic joy in order to bring the Kingdom of God here as it is in Heaven.


    10. The Way of Prayer: Follow the Way of St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Teresa of Calcutta, and Mary Mother of Jesus

    Presenter: Mhairi Jackson

    Just as prayer is interactive, so is this session. Together, we will breakdown practical prayer techniques with insights on how to pray with the bible and with others. There will also be time for personal reflection to explore: what prayer means to me, how important it is in my life, and why God continually calls us to deeper prayer.


Catholic Charities Service Project

Catholic Charities Service Project

We are very excited that during our Saturday “Experience” DCYC participants will have an opportunity to serve in several ways.  One of the options will include a service project to help Catholic Charities. We will be creating “Blessing Bags” to give to a variety of individuals that Catholic Charities supports. These bags will include snacks, toiletries, and first aid supplies.  We will rely on donations from parishes to make our goal of packing 1,000 “Blessing Bags” possible!



Thank you for the generous gift of your time, talents, and service to the young Church of the Diocese of Dallas!  Without you and your active participation, your young people could not attend DCYC, and we are so grateful for your ministry as a chaperone.  Here are some guidelines that you should be aware of as you prepare to attend DCYC this year.  We ask that you please read through these carefully.