Breakout Speakers and Topics 2019

This year, we have invited ten wonderful speakers to present over different topics during the Breakout Session on Day 2 of DCYC. The Topics and speakers are:

  1. Trust: What does this ask of me? Presented by Bridget Hanafin and Paul Bianchi

  2. Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit do? Presented by Sister Josephine Garrett

  3. What is my story? What is my sacred story? Presented by Nicholas Brandt

  4. What is prayer? Why do we pray? Presented by Bruce Baumann and Katie Erskine

  5. Obedience: What does this look like? Presented by John Eldridge

  6. What is my story? How do I share my story? Presented by Cody Barras

  7. Prayer: How do I pray with others? How do I use Sacred Scripture to pray? Prresented by Mhairi Jackson

  8. Steeped in Virtue: Embodiment of the Virtues. Presented by Ali Hoffman

Catholic Charities Service Project

Catholic Charities Service Project

We are very excited that during our Saturday “Experience” DCYC participants will have an opportunity to serve in several ways.  One of the options will include a service project to help Catholic Charities. We will be creating “Blessing Bags” to give to a variety of individuals that Catholic Charities supports. These bags will include snacks, toiletries, and first aid supplies.  We will rely on donations from parishes to make our goal of packing 1,000 “Blessing Bags” possible!



Thank you for the generous gift of your time, talents, and service to the young Church of the Diocese of Dallas!  Without you and your active participation, your young people could not attend DCYC, and we are so grateful for your ministry as a chaperone.  Here are some guidelines that you should be aware of as you prepare to attend DCYC this year.  We ask that you please read through these carefully.